Smile Because You Can

Smile Because You Can

Sometimes, we take our ability to smile for granted. We simply forget that some people just can’t smile, not only for emotional reasons, but also because of physical disabilities… Are you familiar with Operation Smile? It is an international medical charity that offers free and safe surgeries for kids born with cleft lips or palates. This being said, I have many announcements today that I am sure you will love! Please keep reading till the end.

First, let’s start with a celebration: Dyosah is now ONE year old. Isn’t that awesome?! But how does time fly by so fast?? I can’t believe that a new year has just begun. Congratulations to the team and thank you to our community who was supporting us from day 1 and was part of the success of Dyosah. For this occasion, I prepared a big surprise that never happened before. Starting now, and for 3 full days, you can get 40% off on everything on the website, no minimum purchase required, and it’s available for everyone! Use the code «FirstBirthday» at checkout. This offer is valid until Friday, April 29 at midnight.

Second announcement: it’s that time of the year again when everyone is getting ready for summer and we are launching our newest collection. In the upcoming week, stay tuned for more details about the launch date and story.

This brings us to the third big announcement: this season, the new collection will be exclusively available before the launch, on Sunday, May 1st, during a fundraiser that I am organizing for Operation Smile. The «Smile Because You Can» event will be held in the Challenger reception hall in Montreal, with the collaboration of many partners who will be running activities inspired by the challenges of kids born with facial deformities. This is part of my participation in Miss Universe Canada. I was selected as a national finalist for 2016 and will be competing next June in Toronto to represent Canada in the Miss Universe pageant. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness and funds for Operation Smile. My personal target is to help 20 kids born with a cleft lip or palate get access to surgery. Dyosah is a proud sponsor and will donate 15% of all sales to the charity. During my research, I met many people who have cousins, kids, or friends born with a cleft lip/palate and got a surgery at a very young age. I was very sad to discover that unfortunately, some people in some countries have to live with it and suffer from malnutrition, bullying, and many health and social problems, year after year. The only reason is because they don’t have access to medical services. The positive part is that everyone is able to help! And now I am kindly asking you all to be supportive and join the movement to bring new smiles to kids’ faces. Here is how you can help:

1- Be present at the event on May 1st. Proceeds will be donated to Operation Smile. It will be all fun and you will meet amazing people. Click here to get all the details.

2- Use my page to donate directly to Operation Smile. Click here! 

Sometimes, you need someone to make you smile. Be the one to draw a smile that lasts a lifetime! Together, we can change lives, one smile at a time. Now enjoy a sneak peek of our new jewelry collection shot by my talented friend and published photographer, Arturo Las Pinas.

Oh, and smile because you can!

008 - Cynthia Ayoub 007 - Cynthia Ayoub 006 - Dyosah grace des fleurs

005 - Dyosah cynthia 004 - Dyosah signature 003 - Dyosah arturo las pinasPictures by Arturo Las Pinas Photography.

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Beautiful photos
Beautiful photos! Happy birthday Dyosah!!
Mikel Choueiry
Amazing work! Happy Birthday Dyosah , Beautiful Pictures ....

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