Mother’s Day Special: Gifts She Deserves

Mother’s Day Special: Gifts She Deserves

  • by Cynthia Ayoub
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Moms spend their energy taking care of everyone else! They might have jobs or businesses to run and they work hard that they forget to take care of themselves. A gift that reminds a mom that she’s a special woman and celebrates her femininity will make her feel beautiful, appreciated and loved. It is definitely a great gift that will make her happy! Here are 8 gift ideas that will unleash the Queen inside every mom.

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The Triple Heart Swarovski Necklace


This item is a classic in any season and can be used from day to night. It shows your love for her!

75.00$85.00$ Select options

Diva Swarovski Pearl Necklace


For the stylish mom, this necklace might be your go-to choice. It is a timeless piece that is versatile, unique, fashionable and elegant.

135.00$ Add to cart


Classic Swarovski Set


The classic set that every woman needs. This set includes a matching necklace & earrings and adds a subtle touch to any outfit, from day to night.

120.00$ Add to cart

The Diva Must-Have Necklace


You can never go wrong with this outstanding statement piece, it will be her new favorite accessory!

135.00$ Add to cart

Shining Star Swarovski Choker


A key item that effortlessly makes a woman look and feel fabulous. Timeless luxury!

130.00$ Add to cart

Triple Heartwing Necklace


This one is a great choice too! Show her your love with these cute hearts. This necklace adds a fun and edgy look to her outfit.

95.00$ Add to cart


Noble Blue Hand Piece


From «I Am A Queen» Collection which is dedicated to every special woman who appreciates her uniqueness. The collection is an invitation to every woman to embrace her own beauty and an inspiration for elegance and sophistication. Mother’s Day is a good time to remind a woman that she’s a Queen! Check out the entire collection here.

75.00$ Select options

Noble Blue Necklace


You won’t regret your choice of this necklace! From «I Am A Queen» collection and one of our all time best sellers, this product is perfect for a working mom and for every woman who likes to keep it simple but elegant.

90.00$ Select options

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Every gift will be sent in a beautiful package with petals and a special note. Ask for your own personal handwritten note and we will add it to the box. Every mom deserves to feel special. Give her an exclusive gift from Dyosah because she’s a Queen and she deserves it!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms. Stay beautiful and let your sparkle shine, everyday!




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