Add a Blast of Sparkle to Your Honeymoon With These 5 Must-Haves

Add a Blast of Sparkle to Your Honeymoon With These 5 Must-Haves

  • by Cynthia Ayoub
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Some of the most romantic honeymoon destinations are exotic spots located on beautiful white sand beaches with calm crystal-clear waters. No wonder why places like Bora Bora, Bali, Bahamas, Hawaii, Maldives, Capri and even South Africa are voted the top choices in the world. Besides your smile and the love of your life, a fantastic honeymoon needs fancy dinner outfits, swimwear and lingerie, as well as the right accessories to go with it! If you’re going for a beach honeymoon, take a look at these special must-haves. Even if you’re heading to a romantic getaway in Paris, you will need these items to uplevel your outfits- day and night- while keeping it comfortable and elegant!

1- Glamour & Sparkles Belly Chain

Bikini or one-piece, this belly chain is gorgeous on the beach. It comes in different sizes. Click here for details.

115.00$ Choix des options


2- Noble Blue Hand Piece

A best seller that adds a polished and glamorous touch to your overall look. Discover more hand jewelry choices here.

75.00$ Choix des options


3- Glamour & Sparkles Leg Piece

Unleash your inner star, break the rules and sparkle more! Learn how to wear it here.

199.00$ Ajouter au panier


4- Glamour & Sparkles Shoulder Piece

Exceptional piece! It comes in different sizes as well. Wear it on both sides to add more magic. Click here for more details.

150.00$ Choix des options

5- Sky & Sea Swarovski Anklet

See more anklet choices here!

*Disclaimer: These jewelry pieces are not made to be used in the water. To protect your product and to keep the crystal shiny, avoid contact with water.

65.00$ Ajouter au panier

Pictures by Mikel Choueiry


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