4 Steps or Less to a Killer Outfit

4 Steps or Less to a Killer Outfit

  • by Cynthia Ayoub
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Do you waste a lot of time every day trying to create a nice outfit? Do you go shopping and end up buying similar stuff every time? Have you been dying to upgrade your outfit game? Every killer outfit has 4 parts. Without further ado, let’s break down the secret:

1- The basic section:
Start with a basic item. It could be a simple tee, formal skirt, pants or some jeans. White, black, grey or blue, make sure it’s one color.

2- The statement item:
Add a statement piece to your basic item. A statement piece could be a colorful, bright, oversized, textured item. It is the piece that people will notice first about your outfit. So if your basic item is white pants (by the way, I love white pants in winter), your statement item could be a lace top, an oversized sweater or a bold colored crop top.

3- Layer it up:
This step is optional but it lends a polished look to the outfit. Blazers, tunics, vests, capes, long cardi-coats and more! Choose one of these and add it to your basic and statement items, especially if it’s cold outside. Here is when you can mix patterns and have some fun. Every street style star owns this trick.

4- #1 Essentials to any outfit:
What can possibly take your outfit game from A to A+? You knew it, it’s all about the accessories and the small details that grab the attention. It is when you tie a leather jacket around your waist, or wear a bodychain on your simple black dress. Your jewelry, shoes, handbag, belt, scarf, gloves, glasses, hat, etc. This is what pulls an outfit together. It transforms the look from nice to noteworthy. The jewelry defines your personal style and gives it an identity. There are pieces that stand out no matter how and when you wear them. Even if you skip steps 2 and 3, choosing one basic item (like a dress) or a monochromatic outfit, you still need your jewelry to add a personal touch.

When your outfit is on point, there’s no other choice than feeling amazing. How we dress is how we feel about ourselves and vice-versa. It means that dressing nicely is one step closer to a positive day. Are you having a bad hair day? Well, I think you can do something about it and transform your day from boring to extraordinary! Feel sexy from inside out!

Enjoy a beautiful editorial that I did with the talented photographer Alexander Kor. You will see an example on how you can level up a basic dress or a monochromatic look with the right jewelry. Let me know what you think and write your comments below!

PS: Notice how the same dress looks different when paired with a new set of jewelry.

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Pictures by Alexander Kor Photography.



Sydney Wong
I love the examples you gave with the little black dress! I must try this at home
Thank you Sydney! Let us know how it goes.

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